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Find a Sales Representative

For over 50 years, our Knowledge First Financial Sales Representatives have successfully helped families like yours save for their children’s future education, offering their customers the support and service needed to make the right choice.

Focused on Education

Unlike with other financial institutions, Knowledge First Financial Sales Representatives are focused on education savings. Their passion is helping you reach your goals through RESPs.


Whenever you want to discuss your Registered Education Savings Plan, a Knowledge First Financial Sales Representative is free to meet you in the location of your choosing, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Personalized Advice

Everyone’s goals are different. That’s why Knowledge First Financial sales representatives will only offer you advice that is unique to you. They’ll listen to your needs and help you find ways to achieve your savings goals.

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For Heritage Plan contact information, view a list of Heritage plan branch offices, or find Heritage Plan sales representatives.


“When we meet with new families with young children, we like to, first of all, find out all the facts, make sure they are really informed about RESPs in general. It’s also important for families to know they don’t have to invest big lump sums to begin. They can start with a small monthly amount and add to their savings as time goes on.

Tina Jesso, Branch Director
Knowledge First Financial
Montreal, QC