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Our Flex First secure login section is currently under construction for a targeted launch date of Spring 2019. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Customer Service by email or by phone at 1-800-363-7377 or speak with your Sales Representative.

The Flex First plan is an individual RESP designed around a savings goals unique for your child.  Introduced in 2012, it is now our flagship product and one of the most popular choices for our customers.


Flex First provides the flexibility to change along with your life.  It’s easy to adjust the amount and frequency of contributions to meet your needs.  You can also make lump-sum contributions to your plan along the way. Ask us how.


When you first set up your Flex First plan, you determined a Total Contribution Goal (TCG) for your education savings.  If this goal should change at any point along the journey, it is easy to adjust the TCG on your Flex First plan.  Let us help.

Loyalty Program

As you contribute to your RESP, you can earn a monthly loyalty bonus with your Flex First plan that accumulates additional funds for your child’s education. Flex First plans with a TCG of $2,500 or higher are eligible to earn the loyalty bonus.

“The trick is treating RESP contributions like pension deductions, or any normal, fixed expenses. Maintaining the payments is the key to success, which should be easy as long as you save an amount you can afford.”

Joe & Deborah D’Ettore
Parents of seven children
Knowledge First Financial customers

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